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accounting practice   owners sellAccounting Practice Sales specializes in the marketing and sale of accounting firms and tax practices. Our brokers have had unprecedented success in matching practice owners selling a firm with interested buyers.

Sellers: Thinking of selling a tax firm or accounting practice, but have NO idea where to get started? Concerned about confidentiality or have questions on market value of practices? Our brokers have years of experience in accounting practice valuation and negotiation.

Buyers: Are you wondering how to purchase an accounting firm? Do you want to expand an existing business or to go into business for the first time? We are ready to help you find the bookkeeping or income tax practice for sale that will fit into your plans.

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sellersAccounting Practice Sales is the largest marketer of accounting and tax practices for sale in North America. If you are a practice owner looking at your options please go to For Owners for resources.


buyers Accounting Practice Sales has more listings than anyone and we can assist you in finding the right accounting practice to buy. Please go to For Buyer to begin your quest.